Douple Drops.... and low drop chance

Douple drops yes but the drop chance is low.. Thats typical CG. Every time the same sh..


  • 33% drop rate is low but still t h e same as always.
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    aah, was wondering when this thread would pop up.
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  • Kölschekraat
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    52 try´s and 10 ( with double drops ) shards are 5,2 %.. 33 % droprate is just a dream
  • Lucaero
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    10/52=19.2%, still not 33% but a bit closer

    Edit: without doubledrop it would be 9.6%, but there is a good thread about the law of large numbers in Gerneral right now, so you maybe wanna check it out.
  • leef
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    52 try´s and 10 ( with double drops ) shards are 5,2 %.. 33 % droprate is just a dream

    actually, that's a 9.6% droprate.
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    I did 3 cantina refreshes and got 10, 16, 8 for Talia.

    That's 5/15, 8/15, 4/15 so a touch over 33% for me at 17/45.
  • I have terrible luck when it comes to Light Side and Dark Side hard nodes during double drops. But at least I don't really have to worry about it for the Nightsisters. I already got Talia to 7 stars. I just need Old Daka from Light and Dark Side nodes, but I can get Old Daka shards from the Cantina Battles store too. I still need Acolyte though. Only have her at 2 stars. So I can farm for her shards and get a bunch of Cantina Battle tokens from Acolyte's node since you get double tokens from the node as well. So if don't get anything from Daka's hard node, I can still turn to the Cantina Battle store. My only major problem is getting Acolyte shards from her Cantina Battle node. And I get shards maybe once every 5-6 times I SIM the node. But at least there is unlimited attempts. I can go until I run out of energy and crystals, although I stop spending crystals once it cost 200 crystals for Cantina energy refresh. Plus I try to stay above 150 crystals.
  • i need only acolyte shards. The other toons are 7 star. But i have no luck with the douple drop an refreshes for acolyte.. i need 20 shards now to bring her to 5 star
  • It's just bad luck. Got 16 out of 47 battles. Someone else will have had a good run. So will be balanced over the community. ;)
  • CG does not lower the drop rates on double drop nodes, that's absurd. However, they have been known to lower the drop rate for whatever toon you currently want. I've learned that the trick to beating them at their own game is to farm characters that I don't want, you should try it.
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    So much tin foil in one thread.....

    You don't need double drops or a desired character to get a bad drop day/week.
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