• Wow lucky pulls!! Congrats
  • Wow,.. that's a lot of 5 and 7 shard packs for 1300 crystals a piece. If they're going to screw us over on weighted RNG, they could at least get rid of the lower 3rd of the values. 5,7,10,12...
    Just feels like they punish people who pay to play their game.
  • That is why I won't. Considering the fact that she's kind of tied to 2 other marquis event characters, you're looking at multiple vaults for the three total.
    Meanwhile, down on the farm....
  • Yeah, same as all the 5-330 packs... Not enough ROI for me. I can make a few hundred bucks go very far in the real world.
    The field of battle is like the mongoose. Slow to joviality, but thirsty for morning sunshine.
    -Sun Tzu
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