Can healing immunity be penetrated?

Sometimes in Arena battle when my Sidious puts a healing immunity debuff on, the enemy character still sometimes gets healed. Is this a bug or based on character stats?


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    Bariss can heal through it. It is not a bug she is the only one that can.
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    If you fought a Bariss, like LukeSkywalker420 stated, she does a health equalization followed by a small heal. Because it is an equalization (reassignment of hp) it doesn't count as a "heal." You'll notice that whoever has the debuff won't actually receive the Bariss end heal, but their HP will reassign. You can even see other units decrease in health when they give it to the person who is injured.
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    Yep it happens against Bariss'....appreciate the insights y'all!!! Thanks :)
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    I've been using Barriss for ages now and I didn't actually realise how her debuff healing worked DUH!!! Thank you for explaining it lol.
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    Two things bypass healing immunity, because these two types of health regeneration is not considered "heals".

    1. Barris's Equalization + heal (heal is blocked though).
    2. Health Steal (life steal). Characters with relatively high Health Steal due to either abilities or items are Sidious, Ventress and Talia.
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