Geriatrics are Recruiting

We are a friendly guild with a core group of very active members. BUT, we have recently lost a number of our big hitters to other guilds who are bigger and stronger than we are. I blame Territorial Battles!

We want to refresh and rise from this low point. So if you want a guild that is:

Relaxed. We want 600 a day, but if not, being active in chat is far more important.

Level? Not really bothered at this stage. We all had to start somewhere. We will help and nurture. Current members are generous with gear exchange. If you want to join, learn and grow, you are welcome.

Team players. We have a no damage on Heroic Rancor for 24 hours. This is because 1 or 2 could solo it, so it is specifically so everyone can get rewards, not just a few who are on at the right time.

That is basically it. So if you want to join in the challenge of returning us to our previous strength (43m GP), We are still 32m GP though, so still standing.


  • In the geriatrics guild we are a friendly helpful group of players who regularly donate gear and give advice on squad and tactics to anyone who needs it we have a line app group and a Facebook page anyone interested in joining please comment on here and you will get a reply...
    Rufnek101 ..... :)
  • Due to members progressing to bigger guilds we have 8 places to fill, any info please comment...
  • Hey guys I just joined the guild, didn't notice the level requirement as I'm trying to find a guild with my friend who's currently at lvl 68( just started playing though) we're both extremely active. I'd love to stay in the guild but my friend has to be invited or else I gotta keep looking. His name is inthecracks

  • I joined this guild a few months back and I must say it's a great group of players. Gear requests fulfilled, great advice, regular guild raids and most importantly relaxed and fun. What are you waiting for, come join us...
  • Well we have progressed well since my original post. In fact, almost back to where we were before so many left in one weekend.

    We are back to 44 members and 38m GP. 17 stars again in TB. We never dropped below 15 either which I think is a great achievement.

    So if you want a really friendly, no pressure guild, this is the one for you.

    There are level requirements to join, but this is generally waived given we have space for 6 more.
  • Recruitment has gone well but we still have room for a few more. We easily won our first War and achieved 17 stars on the dark side TB.

    So if you want a relaxed mid-tier guild that is building quite nicely, we are the ones to join!
  • We are looking to recruit again. Like many guilds, we have less coming in at present than inactives leaving.

    We are still a very friendly/chatty guild. But we are much more organised and use Discord to plan all our TW/TB.

    T5 Sith raid (probably T6 once the changes occur). Heroic Tank with several players 7* Gen Kenobi already. 68m GP. We win the vast majority of our TW and will be close to 30* on TB this time around.

    A very dedicated officer corps coordinates everything.

    Requirements from you? Participation and fun.
  • Do you still look for a guild? If yes can you contact me via discord? Dartheric#1243
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