Let's DISCUSS the game!

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Since posts after posts are kept being moved to sub forums which noone ever bothered to go and thus lack attention, lemme try and frame this in a "General discussion" framework.

So how fed- up are you guys are with CLS in various aspects of the game, ranging from GW, Arena, to personal usage?

I think I am 10/10 had enough of this toon and any teams led by him, and I wonder sometimes why a legendary character like him and r2 are easier to farm than other minor factions like Nightsister mother talzin and ewok wicket! (This is NOT a complaint OR a feedback OR a event comment just two EXAMPLES to illustrate my thoughts and incite the GENERAL audience to think and DISCUSS)

So what do you guys think? :D let's DISCUSS!

(Please don't move me to any one of these sub forums since my question is a general question that relates to user experience in all aspects of the game, NOR is it a feedback since I do NOT contribute to thoughts or improvements to this game. This discussion belongs to GENERAL discussion where players visit to discuss game-related issues)


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