Jedi Rey

There is a rumor that in order to get Jedi Rey you're going to need:
Old Solo
Smuggler Chewy
It is garbage that this event is going to require you unfarmable toons.
Is there any truth to this?


  • And finn as well
  • Nope. People just making it up, and it spreads from there.

    That being said needing those toons for TLJ characters in general is not a wild assumption.
  • Kyno
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    this is what we call "fake news". There is no statements as such from the dev team.
  • Atlas1
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    Old Solo and Old Chewy would really set a lot of people off.
  • If that happens, CG will make them farmable with enough time
  • Darth_Viciousss501
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    I also have been hearing this going around alot if its true it will be very very upsetting and only whales/Krakens will be getting her that will set off alot of people who worked hard to get bb8 7 star.
  • I will be very disappointed if there is panic farming of vet Han and chewie, or a paywall that prevents me from getting Jedi Rey. I have been focusing on my resistance team for months anticipating their required use in a TLJ event. My Fo team isn't too shabby either.
  • Dont be surprised it makes sense for them to pull that stunt so the Krakens and Whales pay them for Jedi Rey it sucks
  • I think there might be something to this. They did it with the CLS Luke event.
  • DarthMufasa4
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    I doubt Solo will be a part of this, as rey will be becoming a jedi in the next film, which thankfully Han wont be a part of, so no 6th Han solo :)

    In CLS at least all the characters were involved with luke becoming a jedi. ben in training him, or else lukes friends (or his weaker self). But Han solo plays no real part here
  • Think about it the bb8 event who do we fight all together Finn,Rey,Bb8,Han,and Chewie just saying.....
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