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Hey guys. First off....I do not have CLS...and again...I do not have CLS yet. Now, my guild and I especially (kind of a newer guild) have been trying to do our first Heroic Tank but we come up short. I do okay in Normal but in Heroic...I get waxed quick. So I have two questions....cause i don't think it's the mods or gear levels...I think I'm just using the right toons. So with that in mind and oh, I don't have CLS....
1.) What's the best set up for normal tank?
2.) What's the best set up for heroic tank?

If u guys know a link that's fine too...I just want my guild to be able to do a heroic raid. None of us have GK yet!!! Thanks for the help guys.


  • Do you have discord?
  • Kaboom wrote: »
    Do you have discord?

    No sir
  • There is alot of different toons)teams you can use. It all depends on what phase you are in.
    P1 zeta kylo Ren or CLS are perfect (but you said you didn't have cls yet)
    P2 is great for CLS teams and Zader teams/droids/Jawas
    P3 is great to have Zeta Savage/zqgj teams
    P4 zeta Cody and clones (including leia) have someone in my guild who can almost solo p4 and does it regularly. Also have someone in guild who runs Resistance squad who can solo it.

    If you need more help then feel free to message me.
  • Just have the whole guild put resistance on farm. 5 of you can take out p2, 10 of you can easily take out p3 (with r2), and another 5 can take out p4 (or solo if you have bb8). They aren't good at p1 but you can either throw the kitchen sink at it or work on zeta kylo.

    You will also find that everyone can 6/6 a light side battle for every TB phase as an added bonus.

    There are probably easier ways to get there, but if you want simplicity it is hard to find a team that is more useful than resistance across three phases of HAAT, and that will also change everyone's life in TB and GW.

  • OP said about not having cls for 3 times yet ppl recommend using cls lol
    but it's not their fault it's just that cls is just that crazy good
  • I have no CLS. Here are the teams I use
    ZQGJ,ZBarris,JKA,Zyoda,Lumi or Ahsoka
    Chirpa,Palp,Thrawn or STHan, SunFac,RG
    Wedge,Biggs, Lando, R2, Leia or Chirrut
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