Same teams different day

Has anyone else noticed you're all fighting the same few teams? Its variations of the same few powerful characters. Whether they are 4* or 7*. Examples are: Sid, Dooku, Bariss, Opress, random Jedi, and maybe the occasional old Daka. I've pushed many characters up in gear, stars, and levels. In the hopes that some of them would be superstars who could beat the same team line ups.

Instead I've just wasted time, money, and resources which could have been put into top characters. These guys, the ones we know, are the heavy hitters. I'm finding very little if anything which can displace the top dogs. So don't waste time upgrading that coruscant police or something else similarly lame. Push your best characters to the top and ignore the rest.

Maybe some of the new characters coming out will be good and bring balance to this game.


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    Yeah I have a lot of remorse about spending cantina credit, arena tokens and GW tokens on a diverse range of characters instead of 7* my 5 arena PVP team that are the same as everyone else has because the defensive AI sucks and its so hard to increase the star level of other characters that you can't get shards from outside of those sources. They have to change the characters in the shipments to change up the balancing - and please let us farm shards for Darth Vader, unlocked him and he is great but at lvl60 its all about how many stars you characters have really because everything else is kind of equal between players
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    Exactly! Can't say I'm pleased with the layout right now.
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    Because it's the only viable freemium team :/ the other great characters are mostly locked behind chromium packs with no way to promote them even if u get lucky getting one from bronzium
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