Does the order of events matter when leveling a new character?

So if I get a new character and immediately take him to max level am I losing out on any benefits from equipping gear and then leveling my character? Or are the two independent of each other?


  • it applies the bonus to previously gained levels
  • So whats the best way , togo about leveling ....cause if there's a wrong & right way...I'm sure I've done it all wrong
  • There's no wrong way, the game automatically applies the appropriate level bonuses regardless
  • I had this same question since the more stars on the character the more multiplier points the he has. Hence more stat points per level gained.

    So an ewok* gains less than a ewok*** each level he goes up. So the less levels he has before reaching higher stars the better he would develop?.

    Or is it each time you "star him up" he allocates all the stats missed?
  • Doesn't seem to matter and swgohcantina confirms. You'll arrive at same stats once you promote. So keep leveling, adding gear and promote as needed.
    Glad it works this way otherwise you'd be screwed trying to promote stars before adding levels.
    "That is why you fail."
  • Thanks for clearing that up Tryban. It wouldn't make sense for a lot of the higher level power ups ea is charging for to hurt a character. Just wanted confirmation.
  • I take it you've played Star Wars Force Collection where an improper evolve would make a maxed card weaker. Rest assured, there's no such thing here. Train, gear, & promote in any order you wish. - Database of everything SWGoH. Fear the Boot |FTB| - One of the 1st Elite Alliances.
  • Actually I didn't touch that game. I'm a hearthstone player and it just didn't appeal to me. I have played other games with mechanics in play that would hurt you if done out of order.
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