Looking for Ship shardmates Vordul Megala, Proteen, AH6, Kurrurrin, Zanatos, Tiryon

Heya Guys,
Looking for my ship shard mates to organize something.
We are quite a fews on the CET timer it seems.

see you :)

My discord : @kelemvor#5998


  • We now have a discord server set up. Currently Zanatos, Kelemvor and myself are in it.

    Add me on or Kelemvor on discord and we can get you an invite link.

  • hey im looking for a player in your guild (Lomnad), is he there ?
    this my discord nr Ugi Bugi#9793
  • Bump,
    Noone else? we are 4 on the discord. Looking for more.
  • Scully
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    edited April 2019
    Hi guys I'm in your Ship shard. Been around for a while and thought I better check if there is a discord chat set up somewhere? Better late than never.
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