Clarifying R2's Number Crunch mechanics

So for simplicity, let's just consider Rebels: Number Crunch gives R2 10% max health for each Rebel ally. And with a zeta, R2 gives each Rebel ally 10% of his max health.

What order does this happen in? Assuming R2 himself counts as an ally (does he?), he then gets an extra 50% health. Does he only give out 10% of his original base, or does he give out 10% of this boosted health (which I guess is 15% of his base)? And does he count again as a Rebel ally himself for the zeta, giving himself another 10%? (Meaning he could end up with 160% or 165% of his original base.)

Disclaimer: math isn't my strong suit, so I could very well have that wrong.

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  • there is a thing with the words here and every description that you have to take note
    when it says "each ally" it means every ally including himself, so for the first question, yes, he counts and gets an extra 10% health
    and when it says "other allies" it doesnt count himself, so he won't gain those extra buffs from the zeta

    and for the buffs part that he gives to the allies it is from the boosted stats (and yeah, in a full rebel party its a 15% from base) - Discord - Fahrius#1194
  • crzydroid
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    10% of the total.
    Ao if he starts with 10k, and gains 50%, he has 15k, so he would give 1.5k to his allies.

    He does not give himself another 10% max health since his zeta specifically says "other" allies.
  • Thanks for helping tease that out. I feel dumb now that I somehow missed that "other" in the zeta ability.
  • Clarification on the second part of Number Crunch zeta description. On battle start and revive, when it says Droid, Galactic Republic, Rebel, and Resistance gaining 10% bump in R2's stats, does that mean if you had one member of each faction, they'd each get ALL the aforementioned stat bonuses? Also, what if you only had a full Rebel squad? Would those Rebels get ALL the stat boosts (OFF, POT, etc.)? Or just the health one? Have an extra zeta and don't want to plug it yet, since it's forever if you do.
  • Each member of those factions gain 10% of all the bonuses. R2 just gains 10% of a specific stat for a specific faction.
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