Galactic War - Broken matchmaker

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As the title says.

The matchmaker for the Galactic War event is completely out of line.
I understand the last matches are supposed to be hard, but two days in a row I've been matched against impossible enemies *in the middle* of the event (8th and 7th matches).

I'm level 45 with five 3/4 star lvl 44 characters and a 5* Chewie (my arena team), and the rest only lvl 40 mixed 1/2/3*. My main team is pretty solid, but I've only purchased the Dooku pack, nothing else, so the team is not "top notch", and my "sideboard" is good and I keep them in good shape, but nothing out of this world.

For reference, my 7th match today was against a blue VI / purple mix of 4/5 star **lvl 49-50** characters, including Dooku, Barriss and a completely murderous lvl 50 purple Darth Maul which deal over 2000 dmg per *normal* hit (plus Chewie and Old Daka).

Please, take a look at this. Getting a bit of challenge is fun. Forcing us to bang our heads against unbreakable walls is not.




  • mine were 10-12 levels above me...
  • I agree that it's busted, but you might have been able to beat that team. I need to write a strategy guide for GW sometime.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • Starting to realize this whole game is a rigged scam. Plenty of impossible teams you play against. You cant have purple gear at lev 44...but i fought another "player" that did. A **** developer player team rigged against you. Think its time to move from this piece of shet game.
    Its only designed to frustrate u to lure u to spend money. There is no reward for moving forward, because everytime u do, it just get 10x harder. Im at level 50 and basically hate this game.
  • Well...

    This must be the vengeance from the dev team for my first post:

    A lvl 60 full purple team with 7 star Palpatine, Vader, Ben, Dooku and Barriss. And it is not even the last fight.

    Against a team of blue lvl 46 4* characters.

    This is nonsense.

  • It got to be related to the server population you are on, on "my" server there are no 60s yet (at least when i'm looking at the leaderboard...) you must be on the "soft launch" server....or something...

    my GW is pretty much as it's "supposed" to be i.e. starting with weker than me characters, slowly progressing to equal to slightly above me
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    Galaxy War table seems to be 'cross realm', as according to Arena rankings there are only one 60 player on my server in the top 100 arena (so, i guess there are no more 60's)

    P.S. And he/she was not the one in the photo...
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  • Same problem here. Im on 59 level with two 5* heroes purple gear and I cant finish the half of GW. Before I was able to fight the seckond last fight, even have finished GW two times.
    Does the Devs readding this? Is there a possibility to change the serwers?
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