Don’t put your faith in RNG. Prepare!

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Okay so I’ve seen a million posts stating that getting 7* R2 is super RNG dependant and that this and that guy did it in 200+ tries.
Fair enough.

But betting on RNG to help you is not going to bear much fruit in the long run.

So instead, I propose this: Prepare.

You know the event comes back, so it’s not that hard to be ready the next time.

The first time R2 was here, I was also on the RNG train with this team: EP (L) G9, Vader G9, Tarkin G7, RG G8, TFP G8. All with almost maxed abilities and around lvl 75. I read many posts that it was doable, if my mods was mediocre or better.

However it wasn’t doable. Or at least my faith in RNG couldn’t keep me motivated long enough.

So I decided to forget about that 7th star and prepare for the next time.

First I farmed Phoenix and Resistance like a mad man. In a couple of months they were all 7 starred and G8 (apart from a G10 Ezra).

Phoenix unlocked Thrawn for me. Yay!
Resistance made GW easy and gave me speed mods.

A long the way I farmed mods whenever I could, and bought gear from the various shops.

By the time R2 came back, my empire team had been upgraded to: zThrawn (L) G9, EP G10, Vader G10, Tarkin G8, TFP G8. All around lvl 80. Abilities maxed one Thrawn, Ep and Vader. Lvl 7 all on Tarkin and TFP.

My mods had improved drasically.
Thrawn had 244 speed. The rest of them around 175-200.

I 7 started R2 in my first go. Without breaking a sweat.

It went like this:
The rebel team went a million times. When I got my turn,Chewie had taunt up. So I fractured him with Thrawn. Then I pounded Han, Leia and Luke, while taking a beating from R2 whom i ignored completely.

When Leia was down, I switched to R2 and took him out. Then Old Ben and lastly the wookie.

I had Ep, Thrawn and Vader left with around 75% health.

So to recap: Don’t rely on RNG and don’t moan if RNG is not in your favor. The event will return, and you have all the chances in the world to prepare for it. So go do it.

PS: No, I’m no whale. Not even a dolphin. I did 3 daily refreshes of energy for hard node farming. And occational refreshes of cantina energy for mods/shards when I had a little extra cash.

PPS: My arena efforts did suffer greatly in the process. But having Thrawn and R2, helped we get back quickly. And now I hover 250 places above where I was before.


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    Thanks for the post and belated congratulations. I am prepping the same squad you used and was worried about NOT having a tank like Stormtrooper. I will have a few toons like GMT at gear X, maybe even Vader. My speed may not be as good as yours and I won't have access to CD and Speed mods. To compensate for that I plan to gear to 9 minimum and most will likely be gear X.

    I am only lvl 79, and am not sure I will be able to zeta Thrawn's ebb and flow ability when it comes around. Is it critical and would EP's lead suffice since it could speed up Empire's TM and reduce their potency. It just seems to make sense and also makes health mods a bit more viable.
  • Same here.. I semi over prepped Phoenix for thrawn and got him in a few tries.. my CLS needed team was so built I auto'd through every tier. Now working on FO replacing phasma with KRU for lead and I'm pretty sure I won't have to rely on rng ;)
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