Dodge & Counterattack

Does anyone know why dodging precludes counterattacking?

I don't see it really throwing game balance out of whack, though it would certainly shake things up a bit.

From a flavor perspective, a lot of counterattacks actually need to dodge the original attack to succeed.

Has it always been so? If not, was their reasoning given when it was changed?


  • Oh come on, this isn't about characters, it's about game mechanics. There is no sub forum for that.
  • Kyno
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    Moved to correct sub forum.

    do you mean to counter an attack that was dodged?
    If so, then yes it has always been that way, because you need to be "successfully attacked" to counter. An attack is one of the 3 checks that are done in a move, if it doesn't pass that check then "there was no attack" the other 2 are proc of a debuff and the potency/tenacity check.
  • Right on. Thanks for letting me know.
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