Han Solo

Anyone tried Han ? He could be really nice fore an "many attack-build ".


  • He sucks unfortunately. Don't be like me and waste your time getting him to 4 stars. Bad damage and bad at tanking. That's with all skills to level 4.
  • Bad to hear :/
  • Yea,sadly I was all,ohhhhh! I can have han,chewie and luke,Cooool!!
    Han as a tank pales next to Chewie.
    Taunt with Han,he folds like tin.
    Taunt with Chewie,the wookie just gets meaner.
    Such a disapointment.
    Fwiw my sthan is 45/4 star/5 gear
    Leave him in carbonite.
  • I have him on a 4 heal team and I'm hovering around 200 atm and have been steadily climbing with no losses or deaths in my matches as an f2per.

    I can usually snipe Sidious or other heal immune peeps before they get a taunt up. His taunt lasts eons and with sustain I like him as my tank. I run Luminara as lead at the moment with consular, ahsoka, and talia.

    One other thing I was considering is switching ahsoka to lead for the 20%turn meter gain on dodge from her ability.
  • I've faced a well skilled Han in Galactic War once and made the mistake of putting him low on my priority list.

    At high skill levels his taunt is a massive party accelerator. In the time it takes to down him the enemy team will get around 2 extra attacks off per character, which can leave you in pretty bad shape. Sure he goes down quite quickly but the effects of his taunt are devastating.

    Now I see a Han and I ability lockdown him and burst him out just in case. Will build my own Han after 7* Sideous, he wont be great in Galactic War but I can see him being a beast on offense in Arena
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    Shhhhhh, dont talk too loud! i said it before, others might listen! If you are in WhipIT server, im probably that guy with Han, he just needs some extra hp, other then that, hes just the best tank you can have, period.
  • Han is a great tank if you give him the right team
  • Han is actually a terrible tank. He has no hitpoints and is easier than Luminara to take down. To run a Han, you'll need 2 really good dedicated healers on your team, and an off healer (talia, ashoka, ventress, tibot, ackbar, etc.). Its a huge loss to your damage to stack this many healers, but Hans turn manipulation makes up for it.
    I currently run:
    1. Luminara leader (for the evasion granted to Han) as a dedicated healer and attacker. She os my main source of damage.
    2. Offee as a dedicated healer who can equalize health when Han is heal debuffed.
    3. Ashoka as attacker and off healer.
    4. Old Ben as debuffer to reduce the incoming damage on Han. I'm considering switching him to leader once i level up his leadership skill (which has a low priority at the moment).
    5. and Han as the turn manipulator.

    I'd like to have a quigon as leader but i dont have him. Im going to eventually get an Ackbar as leader to replace old ben (since i cant farm him), and im working my 5s up to replace Ashoka.
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  • Han manipulates well got him at five stars, he can die quickly if not careful, but he brings almost 3 turns to one for the other characters to compensate
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