Talia 3rd ability Visual Glitch

Twice upon using Talia's 3rd ability, Harrowing Assault, she will leap at the enemy, strike, and jump back only half as far as she should. When this happens no damage indicator appears over the enemies head for a few seconds. Then, the damage pops up with the sound of the strike and Talia slides back to her original position on my team. I'm not sure of the scenario of the first occurance but the second time it happened was during the second encounter on Squad Cantina Battles 2-A when i used the ability against a Greedo looking scoundrel character.


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    The same thing just happened with Asajj Ventris, encounter 1 Squad Cantina 2-C
  • Slushie
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    This appears to be a work around fix they implemented just before global launch to counter another bug that would break the game whenever the first part of the issue you described would happen.

    Hopefully they're working on getting it fixed properly in the next update.
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    Is her 3 still junk then? Its a shame because she needs it back to be viable.
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    As far as I can tell Talia's third skill is still junk :/
  • Soujah
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    This has happened to me a couple of time due to a laggy internet connection. I always end up doing the dmg and get DoT as well.

    p.s. I think its a good attack. Does pretty decent dmg (just under double her normal attack). Normal attacks hit at 690+ at level 46 with IV gear
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    It used to do 2x her normal attack. It was changed, along with Dooku's special, due to a visual bug causing a client crash. They ended up fixing Dooku but poor Talia was left to wallow in mediocrity.
  • The_old1
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    I've seen this a few times, naively I was assuming it was a slow connection on the server
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