Feedback/Suggestion regarding Moving Through Arena Ranks

We get 5 daily attacks in Arena. With these, we are supposed to try to progress down the ladder in the hope of achieving rank 1 some day. However, after a few days to trying, you come to realize something: stagnation is pretty much inevitable in arena ranks.

i.e. Each day my 5 fights go towards trying to maintain my rank and I barely succeed at it. Why? Because when someone attacks me and defeat me, I get moved to his previous rank, usually losing 10-12 ranks. Then, one of my daily attempts goes into trying to catch up these 10-12 position. Rinse and repeat and you see that progressing is excessively difficult (unless you spend a massive amount of crystals to refresh arena). It is quite frustrating.

Here is my suggestion. I believe it would not solve everything, but may be helpful regarding this issue. When someone defeats you, why wouldn't he just get the rank in front of you (so that you would only lose one place)?

e.g. If I am ranked 52 and defeat a ranked 44 opponent, instead of him becoming 52 and me 44 as of now, I would be ranked 44 and he would become 45.

This, in my opinion, would reduce a little bit of sniping, would be less frustrating for people as they would not lose so many ranks on defense (especially when we know that defense is really bad with the AI at the moment), and would favour offensive synergies that would be better adjusted to the opponents you are specifically trying to defeat as you would not have to worry about losing a tremendous amount of rankings after your attack if your team is not good defensively or against everyone.



  • LordSkunk
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    I would think because there are other players battling and getting attacked at the same time. So to move the board that much to keep up would either too difficult if not impossible. An option I could see working would to make rank based on points earned for wins and make ranks based on daily points gained. This however will just make it even easier for P2P players though as they could just energy up points.

    My suggestion to anyone who is serious about ranking in arena is to invest some crystals to get a specific rank goal and work at maintaining that.

    I have used the above method aggressively and have been in the #1 spot on my server for almost 2 weeks. I did get sniped one day and finished 2nd, but other than that I have hardly used any crystals since power ranking. So get to where you want and focus on maintaining that range or rank.

    Hope it helps! May the force be with you.
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