Advice: Jedi Stacking & Shipments

A few things I haven't figured out yet.....

Firstly, what's up with Cantina, Arena, Galactic War & general Shipments? How do you change the available hero pool so you can get different shards? Refreshing seems to only replenish existing stock - granted I've only tried this in Galactic War.

Second, I want advice on best team.

I've happily purchased a very strong team (ranked 23rd atm).

All level 46 in a few hours:
Barriss Offee / Gear 6 / 4 Star
Samuel L. Jackson / Gear 6 / 4 Star
Ahsoka Tano / Gear 6 / 4 Star
Jedi Consular / Gear 5 / 4 Star
Jedi Knight Guardian / Gear 7 / 3 Star

Now I've been using it with Jackson... errr.. Windu as leader = nice dmg buff. But I've started leveling Barriss' leadership - looks better I think.

The question I really have, is whether Guardian can really scale well (I have no idea if her future ability upgrades will be good). I really invested in her because a) she's gives me all jedi team b) she's a good tank that's been relatively easy to gear up. This team is killer with Ima-Gun Di in PvE, but can it be improved for PvP?

Obviously Dooku is a pain in PvP, so it's all about nuking him first and using Windu to remove any taunts.


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    My Sith team is: HK-47, IG-88, IG-86 Sentinel, Asajj Ventress, Talia (good damage, but don't know how else to heal.... finding it a lot tougher)
  • You can try farming Cantina Credits and attempt to buy Old Daka shards from Cantina shipments daily if you want to work towards a good dark side healer. Her stun is pretty useful for PvE if you level up her default attack first.
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  • Also, yeah, Barriss is in general a better all-purpose leader. She works for me anyway. Just keep leveling her leader skill till you hit the passive heal trait that gives Jedi a 4% max HP (theirs) heal every time they take a turn. Half value for non-Jedi. Unless you're lucky enough to roll Ben in a silver pack, there aren't really any great Jedi tanks that actually fill the role as well as a natural 4-star like him. Plo Koon is pretty good as a substitute. More utility than Windu as a main tank, but no taunt still. You already mentioned Ima, but he's probably not realistic either right now, since you can't farm him yet.
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    Awesome advice, thanks so much!

    But I still don't understand about all the shipments. I want to get Barriss Shards or something, but there are none anywhere. And the available selections never seem to change.
  • Shipments are static. The only benefit to refreshing is to be able to spend more of their mostly unique currencies and speed the acquisition or promotion of the hero or heroes you're aiming for. You can farm Barriss shards at a later Hard mode node (tap "Find" on her info page in the gallery to see where, not sure exactly where but she's far down on the map progression), but for now you could alternatively focus on Barriss-lite, Luminara. She's under the galactic conquest or war table's shipments tab, at the bottom. Forget the game mode's exact name, but you accrue the store's currency very quickly after about halfway through the campaign. The refresh is a cheap (starts at 10, scaling up with repeat purchases in a single day I believe) cost in the same currency you earn, so you can usually get multiple five packs of her shards in a day if you can reliably clear three or ideally all the waves of the war. Three nodes to a wave, twelve in total.
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  • Like it was mentioned, available shards from squad arena shipments, galatic war, and squad cantina never change, at least they never have yet. Ive seen barriss shards in the regular shipments at 150 crystals for 3 but its random. The only other place as of right now to get barriss shards is on 5c, 5e and 8a hard but you have to unlock 5 hard to get to the level 5 ones. Farming them will probably take a while.
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