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I know this is going to be a long post, but I really like Star Wars and the concept of this game so I would really like it to be a great game.

I know there has been a lot of player calling for nerfs of certain characters in these forums, but I believe these are just symptoms of a much larger underlying problem. That underlying cause is the feeling of helplessness players feel in certain situations. That nothing they do can affect the outcome.

I believe that the current situation in the game has lead to this feeling of helplessness. Teams are focused around getting as many high damage attacks as possible as soon as possible. Because of how much better damage scales than HP and defense this means that if you do not have a team focused on these things you may have 1 or more dead characters before it is even your turn. Even if you do have a team build around this concept it comes down to RNG of who gets crits, where the AI attacks, and if you can kill one of the characters that has not acted yet to gain a significant advantage.

The Problems this Causes:
1. Many heroes are just obsolete. The number of characters that fit in this style of team is a small percentage of all the heroes available. Pretty much any character that is slow does not work. But the character must also either do high damage or protect the other damage dealers. If the character does not fit this style they are useless for PVP. I believe everyone wants to see a game where a variety of teams are viable.
2. PVP is very fast and very boring. PvP matches are usually decided in the first maybe 4 actions in the combat. This is in my opinion not very entertaining(but its just my opinion)
3. This kind of piggy backs on #1: There is no reason to really farm for other characters. In a well balanced game players can get their 5 maxed out and start farming for more experimental builds. This provides the game with entertainment as well as longevity. Since most characters are obsolete it doesnt matter who you farm for next.

The Causes of this problem: (as best i can tell)
1. The amount of damage characters do compared to defenses/health is too much. High damage characters fill their roll perfectly and feel like they do a lot of damage, but tanky characters can still be taken out in 1 or 2 attacks depending on crits so they really cant fill that roll. Support characters dont have the health or the damage to make up for the abilities they can use, but when they die in 1 shot it doesnt matter. None of the other character have the ability to let their kits shine because everyone is already dead.

Im sure ive left something out, but im currently at work and my thought process keeps getting interrupted. Id love to hear any other thoughts to this theory.


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    #1. This happens in any game with character selections. MOBA's like league of legends, DOTA, etc. have scores of characters that are worthless vs. a few characters that are an unstopable snowball of death. As nerfs + buffs start coming, the meta generally changes and what was useless before is over powered now. I don't really mind, but this is just standard game ideology.

    #2. I do agree to an extent. My problem is strictly the RNG of the game. I absolutely hate RNG in pretty much any fashion, as this causes what people (including me!) perceive as b*llsh*t A.I. I mean, how many times does the AI get a Phasma bonus attack vs you? CPU is almost 50/50, while you are maybe 10% out of the 18% it should be. Imagine playing World of Warcraft, and every time you casted a sheep spell as mage, it only had a 40% chance to work. It wouldn't be fun, it would be aggravating when you get a string of bad luck. That, more than anything, is what makes PVP not fun, at least for me. I hate losing not because of my team comp, but because the computer basically decided that today my abilities just don't need to work.

    #3. I disagree with this specifically for this game. There are tons of usefull characters and it really depends on your build. Right now there are 3-4 top teams I can think of that require a mix of different farmable characters. I mean, if you're a whale then grinding means nothing to you, but for F2P like me, I have been playing for about 2 months and only have an A-team + 1 extra 7 star. I am barely able to keep up with a revolving meta and I have had to switch focus several times to go for Geo, or Poe, or Poggle, or droids, etc. etc.

    I do wonder what this game would be like if they increased everyone's health pools by about 40%. No one could be insta-killed and it would allow for team comps with complex skillsets to come out of the wood works. Oh well, I am sure we're just going to go the path of World of Warcraft and have rotating favorite of the month one shotters instead of actual skill. Whatever the case, I still like going for characters because I am a virtual hoarder :)
  • Your point about RNG relates to my point about how fast characters die. Battles come down to that one RNG because they are over before you get a 2nd chance at it. I think the complaints about RNG would be reduced if battles lasted longer to give the RNG to balance out more over the battle.

    I know there is more than 1 viable set of 5 characters, but the only ones I know of are replacing 1 high damage character with another. Its the same team comp at the basic level. And the problem I have is that there is no other team comp TYPE that has a chance except for a different variation of Fast High Damage teams.

    I understand that all games are going to have stronger characters and weaker characters. The problem right now is how big of a difference the very few characters are compared to MOST of the other characters.
  • A couple of points to add:

    1.) With a 40% health increase, toons would still get 1-shotted. Heavy hitting assisters can do 15k+ damage a turn, and a lot of characters are in the 9-11k range right now. I think bringing the average attackers damage closer to the median would be more helpful.

    2.) I actually think RNG is good for arena, and I wish they affected things even more. With no randomness, attackers are just going to win every time (people are smarter than the AI). Currently for me, there are 6 or 7 teams (including me) that could take the number one spot whenever they want, so the entirety of arena is about timing, and trying to manage lockouts in the last 10-15 minutes before 6pm. It's not that fun.
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