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Hiya Holotable Heroes,

We posted yesterday in the FAQ regarding the Google Gift Card about how to manage any issues with the Target/Kroger Gift Card. For better visibility and further clarification, we're highlighting this specific query. In addition, we've updated the information to include each country's start date. Further details regarding this promotion can be found via the link provided <<HERE>>.

What can I do if I’ve already purchased a Gift Card from a top participating retailer, but did not get the expected reward?
If you purchased a card from a retailer during the dates listed in the posted schedule, but did not receive the expected reward, then please contact us via EA Help. This can be done by tapping "Help" via the Settings menu in your game. Please be ready to provide:
  • Proof of purchase for card (digital or physical).
  • Card code.
  • Email receipt for redemption of promo.
  • Ally code or player ID.

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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