Is my team strong enough for 7-star EP?

I didn't have Wedge 7-starred last time the event ran. I have:

Lvl 80 Wedge G8 (L)
Lvl 80 Biggs G8 (can get G9)
Lvl 80 Admiral Ackbar G8
Lvl 85 Stormtrooper Han G9
Lvl 85 Princess Leia G11


  • MK61
    57 posts Member
    G11 Leia will be Awesome!

    I handled 7* EP last time with (I believe G10 Wedge, G9 Biggs, Akbar, Leia and G8-9 Lando.) Lando was big in that team to get Wedge and Lando's AOE's to shut up all the RG's... But I think you may be ok. Wedge at g9 would help.
  • That was easier than I expected. I got it first try, and I didn't really have anyone in serious danger of dying.
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