Looking for fleet shardmates Ndot, kelebdraug, KUVALDA, vevenus, toxxa, docwiebs, Andreas, tankistil

I’m inyak, looking to try and co-ordinate payout times etc, it’s all a little brutal for pos 3-8 ndot and kelebdraug seem to have that locked in but the rest of us? Can we come to an agreement? Pm me or something :)


  • MolIza
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    edited September 2021
    Hey there! I’m Mol Motormouth in game and I believe we’re all in the same shard. Myself and itsatrap have talked about creating a server as well. My Discord user name is Mol BabyYoda#2000 if you’d like to send me a DM so we can all chat. I’ve set up several servers and can install the necessary bots as well. I just need everyone’s ally codes.
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