What gear do i need on my chars?

Which chars should i focus on? (As soon as i have all of them 7*)


  • Pacyn4life
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    I saw a tutorial where a R2D2 G11, Han G10 and the rest G8 did it....
  • Ok :)
  • I'm leaving Luke at G8 and getting everyone else to g9-10. Luke has basically no use outside of the event whereas all the other characters have some use so the gear isn't wasted. That said if I have characters like fleet crew who also need raid only gear I'm holding off bumping ANH characters (other than R2) past g9. If I need to I can quickly bump ANH rebels to g10 but I'd rather swap mods to get past a stage rather than use precious raid gear.

    I looked through this video and took note of the base stats and team ratings for each stage. I figure that if I can get team ratings and character stats in the ballpark of what was used in the video I should be able to clear each stage (also pay attention to the gear and enemy levels of each stage, should give you a ballpark of how hard they'll be to fight).
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