Arena Squad Test Area

Tell me what you think of this idea.

I would love to see a place where we could test out squads without using energy or arena plays. I have a lot of different characters but because it is too hard to get everyone stared and geared up I never use them.

It would be nice if I could make a squad and take on either random group of 5 characters at a similar level or an arena style test area. I wouldn't think I would need to get any credits, crystals, or exp from it but just test how different squads preform without having to waste any of the resources with things that would not work.

Here are the 3 best benefits for players that I think it would bring:
1. Allow everyone to play the game while I am waiting for energy to refill and all my daily activities are done.
2. Allows for experimentation of new squads and strategy so players can develop a diversified attack in arena and GW.
3. It allows people who have unlocked lots of characters have an opportunity to use Hero's that they love but are not practical to use in arena or GW. For example I got Cad in a pack and I love to use him but because I can only get shards with data cards he will never be strong enough to use because other hero's are more easily stared up.

I know some people will say I can use these characters in Cantina, Dark, and Light side battles but failure there would stop me from farming gear and shards that I need.

Just a thought.


  • Job
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    I suggested the same thing awhile ago it would be awesome
  • Bump.

    An exhibition mode needs to happen. No credits, mats, or crystals need to be awarded. I just want the ability to practice various squads against whatever setup I want. This will add a LOT of replay value and will encourage the player base to experiment more. Most people are hesitant to do this right now because the switching costs in this game are so high.
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