69 Mill GP guild (48/50), 30* in TB, both heroic raids on farm- Looking for 2 to join before TW/DSTB

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Hey all! My guild, KnightsWhoSayNihilus, has three openings we'd like to fill. We just finished TB with 30* and we have about 69 mill GP (48/50). We're seeking players with 1.3 mill+ GP who play daily and get close to 600.
We run HPit raids at 7pm (Mountain), HAAT at 6pm mountain, and have a 24 H no damage rule for both raids. Also we require players to have Discord so we can coordinate attacks and chat (in game chat is only used for giving directions).
We are a very active, social, and fun guild and we're looking for members who are as well! We chat all the time and love helping each other with squad advice/strategy, and we are very active about donations.
Message me back on here if this sounds like a good fit for you!
Mol Boda 914-412-996
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