Darth Vader

I was just wondering how do you get more darth Vader shards because I really want darth Vader.


  • You get this from achievement, it is the only way for now
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    Complete your achievements
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  • Song
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    I have 63/80 Darth Vader and im Lv52.

    I wondering what level you guys unlocked your Darth Vader. Obviously i talking about the F2P players.
  • I'm onset to unlock him once I hit 60 with the level 60 achievement as a f2p.
  • I'll have him unlocked by 60 as well...by that time I'm not sure if I will use him however. A 4* toon amongst 6 and 7* might not do that well, even with synergy
  • Yeah, love the toon (though cool dows are a bit slow and culling blade a bit of a drag to set up for max effect) but the fact he's not currently farmable means I'm not using him as it would require investing mats and gear I could put to better use elsewhere.
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