Knights of the Fallen Empire have 2/3 openings


We are a very motivated but casual guild looking for two, possibly three daily players to fill out our roster. We are a mixture of F2P and P2P players so no requirements are placed on members to farm specific characters, ships or gear. All of our players are very active with almost all playing daily. We believe in keeping things fun so rules and regulations will remain minimal and leadership will not micro-manage. We make investing in our players a priority and our players are happy to help whenever available. We have a collection of resources on Line including documents and spreadsheets covering raid strategy, buff/debuff details and mod specification/placement. Our 'Player Education & Development' officer holds regular 'Jedi Academies' that cover one or two topics in detail and allows players to ask any questions they have in an interactive setting. We have an active Line channel that all members must join and we encourage everyone to join us on our Discord server as well, we are working to migrate there now.

If you're more interested in enjoying the game with a community of fun and supportive players than you are big alliances and the leaderboard this is the guild for you. Don't miss this opportunity to join a great group of people committed to growing not only as players but also as a community.

Minimum requirements are detailed below but the ideal candidates will be level 85+, have 30+ 7 star toons, 10+ Gear 11 toons and at least one hAAT ready team (preferably for p1, p3 or p2, in that priority). Two members of this caliber would enable us to conquer hAAT and start earning those General Kenobi shards. It's not a deal breaker but we would prefer players who have not yet unlocked General Kenobi so we can all unlock this content together.

We have T7 'Heroic' Pit raid & hAAT on farm launching one every other day. We have few rules but they are listed below with the rest of our pertinent information:

Guild Name - Knights 0f The Fallen Empire Profile -
Guild Leader - Uriah (contact info below)
Timezone - Central Standard Time (CST)/GMT-6; Central Daylight Time (CDT)/GMT-5 (Summer)
Guild Reset - 07:30pm CDT
Language - English
Playerbase - F2P and P2P
Game Communications - Line (mandatory) and Discord
Galactic Power - 50 million +

Raid Information - Tier 7 'Heroic' Pit 3-4 times a week; hAAT 2-3 times a week; Pit raids have a mandatory 24hr no damage registration period to allow everyone an opportunity to get on the scoreboard; we are developing a permanent schedule for hAAT that will serve the same purpose, it will likely be the same 24hr rule but we are considering options

New Member Requirements - players level 85+; install Line application and join guild channel; generate 600/600 raid tickets at least 80% of the time; participate in raids and territory battles; maintain a profile (if needed we will help you with this during the recruiting process); inactivity limit of 7 days without prior notice; minimum galactic power of 1 million; respect all members and above all else have fun!

If interested you can PM '@Shakeybob’ here on the forum or contact us on Line using the information below:

Recruiting Officer - Shakeybob
Line ID - Shakeybob
Discord Tag - Shakeybob

Recruiting Staff - Kosall TaiGethen
Line ID - Kosall
Discord Tag - Kosall

Come help us conquer the galaxy and have fun doing it. Hope to hear from you soon, you won't regret it.


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