[BUG] dark side - hard mode 5-A --> chewie turn meter broken

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edited December 2015

i killed all but chewie in 3/3
but chewie ...
1. sometimes he shot twice in a row, without me doing anything
2. sometimes he taunted and when my next guy was on turn, chewies turn meter was 95% full again and he immediatly lost his taunt again.
3. 1 and 2 would have been doable, but him healing for 17k + defense up after every 5 attacks from my guys ... and i mean 5 single attacks not 5 rounds!
4. sidous "no heal" also didnt help, as chewies turnmeter was running so absurdely fast that he had always lost it when he selfhealed + chewie resisted nearly all my stun+noheal+reduce turnmeter stuff ...

did anyone beat this yet?

i went in with 17.4k squad power - lvl 52 max gear dooku, talia, boba, sidious, daka with lvl 54 torkin



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    I beat it first try, but only 1 star, and after the 15 minutes on auto fight of my whole team vs just chewy, i left the match thinking... ****!
    "There is no 'try'." - Master Yoda
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