First look at GvG: Rewards, Faction bonuses (no gameplay!)

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Video can be found here:

Key facts:

- Rewards include Zeta mats, Omega mats, Guild coins, TB currency, credits and a Prize box with TB gear.

- Resistance and FO get specific bonus. I believe these bonuses will rotate, giving different factions interesting synergies and make them more useful.

- Resistance: "Take every opportunity" - Resistance allies have +10% Offense for each exposed enemy, and gain Protection Up (15%) for 2 turns whenever they damage an exposed enemy.

- First Order: "No Mercy" - Whenever any FO ally suffersa debuff or attacks with Advantage, they gain 5% Critical Damage and potency (stacking) for the rest of the battle.

- Same tools as TB seem to be included (Guild announcement, priority zones and zones to avoid).

Let me know if you have any question!
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