imported account turned out to be level 1

Dear friends,

I imported my account and i was thrown right into a tutorial with a level 1 account.
After finishing my tutorial the account is a level 2 and all features are locked.

As you can probably guess my real account is actually level 85?

Please kindly advise.


  • Dyakoff
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    Matter solved for me, I still keep the thread cause it may be of interest to others.

    I risked pressing the "import account" button again (yup it was not recommended, but, well, it coulnd't get any worse, right?

    The game said " your account has been updated, restart client"
    And miraculously after the restart i am connected to my usual level 85 account.

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  • I have the same issue. Except the import doesn't work at all.
    Tried it at least 5 times, but nothing happened.
    Tried to restart the beta app but this didn't work neither :neutral:
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