Real pvp

Obviously true pvp probably isn't going to happen but I'm sure everyone would love it.

Can I ask how come this can't be inplemented? Many app games play with other players online. It'd be fun to actually face real opponents.


  • It's turn based PVP so it won't be hard to implement it. Maybe is some new event.
  • Toukai
    1822 posts Member
    I do not know the experience or cash flow of the developers, but from what everyone states the battles happen client side. If you throw in real pvp, you have to have a network + databases capable of handling all the increased traffic and move battles from client side to server side. It isn't necessarily hard, but it is an increased cost that the developers may not want to incur. After all, this is an EA published game so its all about how much $$ they can get from you while spending as little as possible.
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