TB - menu for guild lead

I like that you've added the option to click through every phase, every combat, every special, but there is room for improvement.

You could add more dropdown options.

First selection is for phases (dropdown: phase1, phase2,...)
Second selection can be combat, special, deployment, platoon).

I'd also like to see all players all the time like this:

Top selection : phase 2 - special

Bottom results:

Player 1: 1/1
Player 2: 1/1
Player 49: 0/1
Player 50: 0/1

That's better to find those, who didn't participate yet.


  • +1 for seeing results of all players since now I still need to compare this list with the member list to see who didn't do their combat missions or deployment.
  • Just to be more specific.
    First idea is to add filters.
    In roster view we have 2 filters and the desc option.

    Having two filters for the TB view would be an improvement
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