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...probably will just reduce my activity ;P
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    I don't like the direction where this game going. It's becoming very boring and more and more time consuming. I've enough daily duties and don't need another one and yet boring one. Good luck everyone if you can still njoy it.

    It is getting rather tideous and I find myself clicking the app and force closing before the home screen is done. I'm going to wait it out for a little while in hope everything gets organized and when a patch is made that it's actually patched and that we quit getting what essentially at launch was an alpha like game. After update is now beta in appearance with all the bugs and still lacking key features.
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    Bye bye, thx for the worthless thread. This game rules, sry you don't feel the same.
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  • Moved to OT - good bye threads are not gameplay

    @OP - wish you well and hope maybe something intrigues you to return
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