Territory War Beta: First look at Deployment (defensive setup)

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Hello everyone,

As you probably know, the new Territory War (Guild vs Guild) mode is currently being tested out on the Beta server.

Here are a few interesting things I gathered:

- The deployment phase lasts for 24h.

- There are 10 total territories

- 8 of these territories are dedicated to characters

- 2 of these territories are dedicated to ships (The top row from the 2 sectors on the left)

- Each territory can have up to 25 squads protecting it, which means that 250 squads will be necessary to fully protect all the territories. That's 1250 units.

- Participation is guild-based. You can send as many squads as you want, the only limit is 25 per territory.

- When you set up a squad to protect your Territory, this squad will be *unavailable* to attack enemy territories.

- To send a ship or character to defend a territory, its power must be higher than 6.000

- Before the TW begins, you have 24 hours to "register". At the end of these 24 hours, the game will calculate the GP of the people who registered and find an enemy guild. So if your guild has 100M GP, but half your members are on vacation and the GP of all registered players is 50M, you will face another guild with 50M GP. Not 100M.

I'll keep you updated when the Offense part starts.

In the meantime, if you have any question, feel free to ask!

If you want to know what Deployment looks like, here is a very boring and uninteresting video that shows Deployment:

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