Platoon Squad and Deployments Update

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Hiya Holotable Heroes,

We wanted to give a brief update to provide clarity in the community today around Platoon Squads/deployments.

Platoon Squad compositions are working as intended, however we are also working on some improvements. Players should be aware that with the release of the Territory War feature, we will be actively curating Platoon compositions in the first three vertical slices of Territory Battles. This is with the intention to provide a more deliberate experience in Platoons for the players. Curated Platoons will have static compositions that will persist from Territory Battle to Territory Battle. Our intention is to post the static compositions to the forums when we are ready to provide them to the playerbase, so that players can prepare for the Platoons with some notice. Exact details to come.

Our intent is to keep theses static compositions in rotation for the forseeable future and any change to these static compositions will be announced to the playerbase beforehand. This is to ensure that players are more prepared for the Platoons and can adjust their collections accordingly. We will continue the practice of excluding factions/characters from Platoons where those factions/characters are required somewhere else in the same vertical slice. The last three vertical slices will pull from all available units in the game, with the caveat that any previously excluded units will continue to be excluded.
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