Which of these would you promote first?

Shard farming going very well this past week, and I have enough shards for 7* Lumi or 6* Sidious. Which one would you promote first? Only have enough credits for one, and that won't be until tomorrow.
I'm thinking to get the biggest cost out of the way first and promote Lumi. Rest of the toons are 4-5 *
Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!


  • Sidious first
  • In my opinion, if one of them is your leader, promote that one.
  • I alternate between them for leader, but luminara is right now because of the healing bonus. There's always that anticipation of getting your first 7* as well!

    I'll see how well tomorrow's GW goes. If I can sneak out a completion I might have enough for both.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
  • I echo the above sentiments. I'd go with Lumi because she's extremely valuable for both arena and GW. GW nets you more credits than any other game mode so do what you can to ensure you are clearing it.
  • That was most likely the plan I would have taken, just wanted confirmation from more seasoned players. Plus I just took a look and tomorrow's daily login reward is 50k. With that I'll be close to 750 already. 250 with bounty hunter daily challenge will be cake.
    Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb!
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