Any tips on beating 5-k dark side?

What is your strategy?
There's so many hard hitting jawas
And in order to get purple gear to get stronger you must...beat 5-k? Lol


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    Make sure you buy all the shipments too. :)
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    I hate this level too. You get blasted 7 times before even getting to final level, with high dmg and many trigger Critical Damage. I amd level 53 and have a hard time with it. Maybe as I get Daka thing will become easier. I'll try to see if I can grab her from one Ally as next thing to try. Lost teice already....and to farm I nedd ALL chars alive.
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    Daka from non-Allies dies even before getting a turn many times...does nit work with weak no. ally Daka. Will have to grow to 55 or 56 I guess.

    The problem is the drop rate for the things I beed to het 20 of, in the level that has it, is like 1 out of 7 turns....

    Miney grabbing Capital games! That's a sin!
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    It's hard. I have got it down to the boss and 2 of my characters a couple of times, just need more health across all my characters I think, and an ally with a good Old Daka would help.
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    So it seems we are doomed to no purple characters unless we buy chromium for better sith...
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