Game suggestion

Up until around level 25 the game seemed great but from level 30+ the gameplay vs energy needed for gear becomes very unbalanced as you collect more characters.

Every 6 hours the shipments refreshes and sells 4-5 sets of gear In varying quantity in exchange for credits....

To help compensate for the terribly slow energy regeneration which slows down gameplay-- why not scale the amount of gear available in the shipments by level??

Levels 1-20 = 4-5 items sold for credits
Levels 21-30 = 5-6 items sold for credits
Levels 31-40 = 6-7 items sold for credits
Levels 41-50 = 7-8 items sold for credits

It's just a small thing but I think it would help now that I'm experiencing characters needing 20 units of the same item for gear crafting... I've spent all day today farming one stupid mission... It's insane. The shipments have gone from being a great help on a daily basis to a mere drop in the bucket by level 50+ ... Sell more items in the shipments please!


  • This is where P2w comes in. A problem for you isn't a big deal for us.
  • Here's a game suggestion:

    Everyone focus on acquiring the strongest characters in the game, and EA continue to make sure that most of the other characters are completely useless in comparison.

    By time you realise you have been investing heavily into weak and therefore useless characters, the game becomes completely meaningless.
  • Sadly, this'll never happen.
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