Colonel Starck- Kit Reveal

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An officer of the Galactic Empire and commander of the AT-AT, Blizzard 4, serving under General Veers at the battle of Hoth. His character shards well be obtainable in Guild Shipments.

Basic: Debilitating Shot

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Defense Down for 2 turns. If the target was already debuffed, deal double damage.

Special 1: Scan All Wavelengths

FINAL TEXT: Empire allies gain Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 3 turns. Starck gains 5% Turn Meter for each Empire ally and each Rebel enemy. (Cooldown 3)

Special 2: Blizzard Four Barrage

FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 50% chance to Stagger them. Dispel all buffs on the primary target. For each active Imperial Trooper ally, deal 10% more damage and reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.

Unique: Imperial Intelligence

FINAL TEXT: At the end of his turn, Starck recovers 7% Health and 3% Protection, and removes 1% Turn Meter from all enemies for each active Empire ally (doubled for Imperial Trooper allies). While Starck is active, Imperial Troopers allies have +50 Armor Penetration.
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