Imperial Probe Droid- Kit Reveal

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Equipped with an array of sensors and telemetry hardware, this reconnaissance probot will quickly complete its mission and, if necessary, self-destruct to obscure the mission protocols. His character shards will be earned through nodes in Territory Battles (darkside).

Basic: Precision Blasters
FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with an 80% chance to Expose them for 2 turns

Special 1: Detect
FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on all enemies with a 75% chance to inflict Target Lock for 2 turns. Then, remove 5% Turn Meter from Target Locked enemies. This attack can't be Evaded. (Cooldown 4)

Special 2: Self-Destruct

FINAL TEXT: Imperial Probe Droid instantly defeats itself and can't be Revived. Deal massive damage to target enemy. Deal Physical damage to enemies, equal to 30% of their Max Health. Expose all Target Locked enemies for 2 turns. This attack can't be Evaded. While Imperial Probe Droid has full Health, or has no active allies, this ability cannot be activated (cooldown of this ability is set to 1 and can't be reduced)

Unique: Imperial Logistics

FINAL TEXT: Imperial Probe Droid has +50% Max Health. At the end of each Droid ally turn, at the end of each Empire ally turn, and at the end of each Rebel enemy turn, Imperial Probe Droid gains 3% Turn Meter. While Imperial Probe Droid is active Target Locked enemies can't gain buffs, and have -25% Evasion.
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