New Character idea: Aurra Sing!!

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Aurra Sing
Dark Side, Scoundrel, Bounty Hunter, Attacker
Feared Bounty Hunter Attacker that removes Turn Meter and strips enemies of their defense.

Basic- DX-13 Blaster Pistols
-Deal Physical damage to target enemy twice with a 60% chance to deal damage to two other
enemies. These secondary attacks can't be Countered.

Special- Czerka Adventurer Slugthrower Rifle (Cooldown: 3)
- Inflict Evasion Down on all enemies for 3 turns with a 20% chance to Expose all enemies for 2
turns. Debuff chances are increased by 20% for each active Bounty Hunter ally. Expose target
enemy again for 1 turn and deal Physical damage to that enemy, then inflict Wanted for 4 turns,
which cannot be Evaded, Resisted, or Dispelled. This attack deals 10% more damage for each
active Bounty Hunter ally. Aurra has a 40% chance to gain 70% Turn Meter.

Wanted: Enemy unit has -75% Defense, -20%
Evasion, -25% Counter Chance, and
removes 30% Turn Meter from a random
enemy at the start and end of their turns.

Description: Sniper Rifle

Special: Vicious Onslaught (Cooldown: 4)
- Deal Special damage to all enemies and remove 30% Turn Meter. All allies gain 20% Turn Meter,
doubled for Bounty Hunter allies. All enemies have -30% Armor against this attack.

Description: Basically the special of the
Pirate Enforcer

Leader: Ruthlessness
- All allies gain 15% Potency and 30% Offense. Bounty Hunter allies gain 50% Turn Meter
whenever a unit is defeated and gain 5% Critical Chance (stacking) and 5% Critical Damage
(stacking) at the end of their turns until the end of the encounter.

Unique: Rhen-Orm Biocomputer
- Aurra Sing gains 10% Accuracy for each active ally, 5% Critical Chance for each active
Scoundrel ally, and 5% Critical Damage for each active Bounty Hunter ally. Aurra also gains 7%
Evasion for each active enemy and has a 60% chance to gain Foresight and Evasion Up for 1
turn whenever she takes damage.

Maybe if the developers actually go through with this idea, they could hint at her introduction into the game with "...It's begun..."

FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED!! I have so many more ideas that I'm gonna post, but support is always great!! :)
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