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Miss Doll

I recently asked this question frequently:
Why some server rank1 with lvl 42 and some at same lvl can't reach rank2000

For example my server top 1000 is all lvl60 with 6-7star leader and the prize

Can we ask EA to change the scale of prizes range according to the number of people in different server? It will be more encouraging

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    I learned nothing here.
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    I think that the servers are based on your power, for example I was in a server with players around level 40+ at the top, then as I got more powerful I was put into a server where everyone was 55-60 and much more powerful, I went from around 500 to almost 2000
    But I have worked my way back up past where I was. I believe the servers are tier based
    So tier 1 will have world ranked 1-5000 for example and tier 2 will have world ranked 5000-10000
    But in the individual tier you are ranked out of 5000
    So if you are rank 1 in tier 2 you are 5001 in the world
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    This is like a bogus thread with its title hahaha
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    SeroZero wrote: »
    This is like a bogus thread with its title hahaha

    Hey guys, want to go nugging together? No one has to try ever again, free crystals for everyone.
    "Mockery: Oh, Master, I love you, but I hate all you stand for! But I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"
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    Mist likely they vary by country. Country that started first, is all lvk 60. Country that has very weak dollar, has lower level. Country with strong currency has better players. Country that has more population, has much more people in any ranking range, thus higher tier.

    Which country are you on? I have never seen since I started playing a change in players. I can tell because I am in the top 10 and see the same either heavy soender, or smart but budget players.
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    What's with the thread title?
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    My brain went flaccid.
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    Didn't expect much from op username anyway.
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