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  • Zirroh wrote: »
    Hey Quim, thanks so much for all your help so far. Guild has been great. If you ever start up again please send me a PM. Looking forward to re-joining. :)

    OK I will do, I will try HAAT after get Asajj to 7*, in like 5-6 days, maybe is needed wait that Bastila and R2D2 get Resistance Trooper for enough damage or they gear and put zeta to Asajj also, but maximum in 15-20 days we will be ready, then the recruitment will be much more easy, meanwhile the middle level players need play raids so the best is play in another guild =) but once we are ready I will let you know.
  • Thanks Quim for everything,this has been an awesom guild.If you ever start a new guild,I would be glad to join.Best of luck to all of you guys...
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