Leader in green gear on level 60+

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I have a question to you if you have a leader char for light or dark side and your leader is on 60+ level but your gear is still green. Why ?
I am 60+ and opening new char from shards , I need max 1 hour to cloth new char to gear blue+.
Sometimes I have all mats in stock and I have only make some clicks ... What is the reason of too many green geared leaders in the game ?

It can be left account . Someone stopped play the game and before final stop set special useless char to be a leader in last battle for be useless for others ?
... or ... Do we have too many players without knowing a sense of this game ?


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    Server-generated allies, or someone is experimenting with a spare toon.
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    Also, it's not clear in the game how importent gear is, if you only glance at gear, you might only gear up till you unlock the ability you wan't for the toon.

    But the once you are talking about, are most likely computer generated, if you hold on the toon to see the toon stats, and all abilities are lvl 1, it's a generated toon
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  • I do not see a way to examine the leader for check his ability .
    When I started the game in December I was 88xxth in the arena and 62xxth on second account in January. It means it is no sense to generate ghost leaders for light/dark side battles. We have 9000 players on each server and selection of leaders is great.
    I am not able to check real players because Ranks list is only for first 200 players , but I suppose they are real in green... but green does not let you do anything. How it is possible to be green on 60+ ? It has to be very bored to play , lost everything but be able to collect enough training droids for 60+.
    If they are ghosts , it can be confirmed by other fact. The selection of leades for level 1 and 2 battles is much better (many purples) in compare to the same selection for level 7 battles ( only greens , some blue, and sometines 1 purple). Sometimes I think, if game wants bigger dificulty, why the leades are not on level 2 or 4 ? Sometimes better will be a play in only 5 and not 6 member team. The best if I can select 2th leader from my own chars ...

    Ok, if I am not wrong, I can send an ally reguest to every one leader I selected to team (if is not on my ally list) ... it should be not possible to send it to ghost ...
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