Dealing with Dooku: A Guide for the Perpetually Annoyed (Mk 2)



  • Jawny wrote: »
    If you can't beat him, join him to your team!

    The game is a lot more fun when you're playing him then against him lol

    I would disagree on the fun part. He is the most booring and annoying character to have in the game.

    Anyway, this guide doesn't look at his leader ablities so it is very incomplete.

    And BTW i deal with him with my Resistance Pilot special which takes 2/3 of his health, leave him exposed, and have a nice chance to gain foresight, and then finish with who ever can finish him.

    Could Queltar add him in the guide?
  • So funny, seeing douceur was an afterthought added to the movies. Original script had Jar Jar as the guy who brought the galaxy down (no jokes read up and watch E1 when he is in the senate chamber. He never fit in seriously in the movies due to he was shoved in as an after thought.


    We give him much love here!!

    Shake his and Anni.......wait.....
  • Finn is very underrated in this review. He is my most powerful Hero, and he is my key to killing Dooku. Stun Dooku with a Takedown, say "that was lucky" with a hint of British accent, but get a good hit otherwise with the health to survive a counter. Then, take him (Dooku) out with any one of Rey's attacks.
  • Qeltar wrote: »
    Specific Characters vs. Dooku

    Ahsoka Tano: D. She’s a squishy Jedi, need I say more? Her special can do pretty good damage, so if the timing is right you can use her to finish him off. But otherwise, better to use her against other targets.
    Asajj Ventress: B+. She’s not a Jedi, she does good damage and has a good chance at a stun. Only drawback is that she is squishy, and he can pile on the damage, so don’t use her if she’s below half health or you may lose her. Her score has gone up because her health steal makes it easier for her to recover from counters.

    I find this somewhat amusing as Ventress is my direct attack stunner I use on him, and Ahsoka I directly attack him unstunned to lower his shield/health.

    Granted I do so when they are near full health, but I have no issues with his counter attack.
    Depending on what other targets are available, I may wait for Daka to indirectly stun him while taking out another target but generally I go after him right away since the last update as his lightening attack will generally stun 2 of my toons.

  • Xaylin
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    Insert Leia, kill dooku
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