GW store needs some more characters

I I just 7starred Tusken Raider today, leaving me with nothing to spend GW currency on except random ships, most of which I also have 7 starred. And now that GW is on "Easy Mode" I'm gonna have more currency piling up than ever.

We could really use some more characters to spend it on, or maybe even some other stuff you can never have too much of, like Omegas and Zetas.


  • What I’d like to see is, some of the older characters from the other shops transferred to a rotating GW shop.
  • Sadly, they just made it clear The GW and Arena store are dead as Latin, and have no intended purpose beyond being a convoluted farm for Shard Shop currency. Lame (literally, as in crippled, and wondering when the whole thing will be put down. I'd watch for employees being shuffled to other projects as they get ready for the shiny new Marvel game to steal all their whales).
  • Gifafi
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    they did make it clear. I just use em for shard currency, sadly
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