Getting to be too much work

Been playing since a month after release and this game used to be fun back then. Now it’s getting so complicated that I have to read articles everyday just to learn how to play a new upgrade.

When they added guilds, okay, not bad.
When they added ships, okay, not bad but now I need more time.
When they added raids, ugh, need more time.
Territory Battles came next, now REVERSE Territory Battles AND a completely overcomplication of a simple concept of team wars. This game is starting to be too much work when it used to just be fun and uncomplicated. Now I have to study!?!

Rant over, thank you


  • I agree, I had a lot of fun with it for several months and rated it highly but now it's become extremely tedious to stay up on everything. When I have to spend an hour making sure I complete all my dailies and contribute to the guild, it's more a burden than a job. And hard to find a guild that has enough high level members to even do all the guild activities. I had to quit.
  • Mzee
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    The game has become more demanding in time. Players were wanting more content for a long time, and so they gave it to us. Unfortunately, that does alienate some of the playerbase as they don't want all that extra time commitment.

    Personally, I'm ok with how things are right now, but some things could be streamlined a bit so it isn't so tedious. They have made steps towards this, which has been helpful, and I think they have been doing a good job. I'd still change a few things though. My biggest gripe is in the arena system making players feel like they have to be on in the 2-3 hours or so window leading up to the arena so they can get the top ranks. Wish it wasn't all about this sniping in the last moments and collusion in shard chats, but it is what it is and it is enabled by the design. The teams are designed to be a lot stronger on offense so everyone always wins unless they experience a bad bout of RNG (amplified in fleet). Wish the payout system could be changed, but I don't see it happening.

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