A Beginners Guide to Farming

When I first started playing this game I treated it like Pokémon, I had to farm every single character as much as possible. I had no idea who was good or bad, I just unlocked people and then began farming someone else. It wasn't until I visited the forums and read some guides that I began to figure out who was good and what toons I needed to in order to succeed. I quickly climbed the arena ranks and joined a heroic Pit and HAAT guild. From there I went from barely scoring to being one of the top contributors in both raids. And the best part was it all started on the forums after reading a guide posted by someone. I want to return the favor and help others achieve what I did.

This game has changed a lot but the beginners always need the same things. Rebels and Scoundrels. Rebels are the biggest faction in the game and have the most versatility as far as being able to be good in multiple areas of the game. Scoundrels are necessary because without them you can't take part in credit heists.

The best team to start farming is Phoenix squad. They're relatively easy to farm and are needed for Thrawn. They can also be used to unlock Emperor Palpatine and are necessary for territory battles. Phoenix is a great starter squad as the have good survivability and can punish enemy squads with counter attacks.

After farming Phoenix Squad I would begin to farm some scoundrels. Stormtrooper Han, Lando, and Boba Fett are all must haves for this. After that I would look to see where some easy unlocks are and go from there. Again you just want to have a team that can complete credit heists because the more credits you have the faster you can level your toons.

Once you have scoundrels farmed it's time to start focusing on pilots and fleet commanders. My advice is to farm Mace Windu for ships. He is the most widely used commander and anyone can be used under his lead. Good pilots are Biggs, First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, Tie Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, Jedi Consular, Rex, and Fives. It sounds like a lot and it is but in time you will begin to collect more ships and characters and develop a great roster of your own.

The nice thing about ships is that it is separate from arena and fleet rewards are really good as the fleet store has some of the best character shards and ability mats in the game.

Once you have a good fleet it's time to start focusing on raids and territory battles. The best option is resistance. They are hands down the best offensive team in the game. Under a zeta Finn lead you can easily clear territory battle missions, galactic war nodes, and score massive damage to the HAAT.

After resistance I would begin to focus on attaining some of the harder farms in the game, Rogue 1 teams, end-game empire (Shoretrooper, Deathtrooper, Director Krennic) as these toons are necessary for territory battles and are good in the arena as well.

Now many characters are farmed from the same locations. My advice is first farm the character to unlock. After that focus on seven starring the character. This will allow you to join a Heroic Rancor guild which will give you higher level gear. Once joining a heroic rancor guild start preparing teams for territory battles.

A side note I will throw in is mods, mods are necessary for good teams and can help boost the stats of your characters. The best mods are speed secondary and speed primary mods. These are mods that say +30 speed or under in the arrow slot. And in other mod slots they will have +1-20ish depending on your luck. Mods really deserve their own guide because they are a completely different animal. But when in doubt, go with speed.

I won't go into major detail of where each of these teams are farmed but I will list out requirements for legendary characters.

Grand Master Yoda - 5 Jedi (unlocks at 5*)
Emperor Palpatine - 5 Rebels (unlocks at 5*)
R2D2 - 5 Empire characters (unlocks at 5*)
Grand Admiral Thrawn - 5 Phoenix Squad members (unlocks at 5*)
BB8 - 5 First Order characters (unlocks at 5*)
Mother Talzin - 5 Nighsisters (unlocks at 5*)

Commander Luke Skywalker - Princess Leia, Old Ben Kenobi, Stormtrooper Han, R2D2 (unlocks at 7*)

The above requirements will give you a general idea of what to shoot for while aiming for legendary characters.

The best piece of advice I will give you is to farm until completion. Don't leave someone at 6 stars because something new and shiny came out. Finish you current farm. Events return and with time you will find what methods work best for you. For me I began using a spreadsheet to track who I am farming and from where. The end result was to prioritize my farms so I can stay focused on what I want to do.

Lastly, have fun. Enjoy the farming process and take pride in attaining your characters.


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