What is worth spending on

Hi all.

I played this game a little a some time ago. Took a couple of weeks off for exams not realising how badly it screwed me for pvp then ragequit.

Just redownloaded and started a new account.

While mostly a free to play player I will spend on something worth while. Currently level 14.
I presume chromium cards is a bad idea too much rng. Then training droids and credits packs well there's no need for it.

Theres a starter pack offering me greedo. I assume this isnt worth buying.

Any other advice for a new player. From what I understand PvP shards are now set at level 28. Any advice for how to get onto a new shard as opposed to one that's been there for weeks?


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    Also there was supposed to be a 4 star free character at level 8 and this didn't drop. Is there something I have to do?
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    Just got a Jedi starter bundle. Is this worth the cost. A 4 star mace windu, upgrade my Jedi consular to 4 star and a 3 star Jedi guardian.

    I assume windu while not the best long term character would help my initial PvP team? The consular at 4 star too at least until I can farm a healer.

    Mace has a ship later on doesn't he, does that make thisnpack more worthwhile?
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    Jedi are not in a good spot right now. Especially those you just bought in that pack.
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    Well I havent bought it. I meant that I had just got it available to buy. I assume I should stay away then?
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    Stay away from that pack for sure.
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    This is probably the guide you are looking for. On a personal note, I still prefer the original guide which recommended classic rebels, but many others are recommending Phoenix route. Read up and decide for yourself.
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    If I'm willing to spend a little bit the phoenix squad ultimate bundle would be the max I would spend on this game and it would probably be one and done spending. Would this be a good start for arena? Ie if I get into a shard thats decent would it perform well.

    All 6 phoenix squad members at 3 star and gear to bring them tier v.
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    I'm new, been playing about 6 weeks. My first recommendation is to do what you think will be fun. If your idea of fun is competitive success, then I definitely recommend the Phoenix route. I didn't go that way since I didn't understand all the game mechanics, and generally wasn't interested, but they have some glaring advantages early/mid game, namely protection regen, that for other teams is only available way late in the game (like zeta abilities).

    This gives major advantages trying to clear Galactic War (unlocked at level 40 and requires completion of 12 consecutive battles) with a single team. Around level 60 if you focus on any other team it will be impossible with any other good arena team that can't revive, passively heal, or regen protection. Phoenix can do all three. Plus, their AI is pretty good on defense (squad arena) and as the guide states they can unlock two legendary characters and they have some ships. I pretty much only face Phoenix and Nightsisters in arena in the top 300.

    If you're just not interested in them then go another way, because playing something you enjoy lore-wise is in my opinion more important.
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    There is a chromium pack that costs 350 crystals.
    The very first time you buy this it is guaranteed to drop a full character.
    After the first time you buy it, then it is random if you get character shards or a full character.
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