Some weird characters problems

After more than two weeks of playing , I have notice some problems

-Dooku bonus attack : 40% chance to attack again (in real it's more like 75% and even during counter it's part of his basic ability shouldn't be active when countering)
-Barris healing (no need to explain)
-Ahsoka Tano protective manoeuvre : she score a critical about 10% of the time which make her ability useless (even with Sidious as leader or anyone with critical chance up)
-aiming system in any modes (hard to aim a bot in challenges or have a strategy in combat)
-Ally point

Dooku is not OP only a little bugged in my opinion (not hard to kill tho!)
Barris can heal herself and debuff doesn't work plus she have a tremendous amount of HP (need stun and power to kill her)

Most annoying thing : spending 120 energies to get 5 parts

P.S. for most bugs I know that they're working on a fix but its been two weeks and some problems are still there
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